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The Team's Nicolai GeoMetron DH

I couldn't be happier with my bike this year. I'm riding a Nicolai Geometron DH, which is currently still a prototype of what will be a world cup downhill race bike. It has been designed around the existing Nicolai Geometron trail bike, which in turn was designed by Chris Porter, owner of Mojo Suspension. I've never had so much confidence in a bike before. It's long, it's slack, and it's low. I have to ride it aggressively and make sure I'm leaning forward driving the bike, but when I am it's astonishing what the bike will let me do, and get away with.

We started off with the GeoMetron trail bike with 160mm travel as a platform, we played around with a few things and came up with the numbers and ratios we have here. This longer (medium) frame is a touch longer in the reach than the trail bike.

I'm really happy with the Hope brakes, they're slowing me down for sure, we can see that in my results!

A very progressive shock rate with 180mm travel, we have the option to change shock and shock mount to get 200mm, but we haven't found the need to do that yet. We were planning on trying out the longer travel here at Lourdes, but with the bad weather we have been concentrating on surviving rather than fettling! We haven't been able to ride fast and aggressive enough to feel like we need more travel.

My fork settings are 80psi with five orange tokens, The X2 shock has 210psi and seven tokens, it's a Chris Porter special setup. He just gives it to me, I ride it and it's amazing. The sag is only 16% at the rear about 10% at the front.

The problem at Lourdes, apart from the horrendous conditions was the serious leg injury Jack had sustained the previous week at a UK national race in the UK. Given the state of his leg he did well to race at Lourdes and attempt to save something from the weekend.