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Jack's Mechanic - Alex's Page

Video of Jack Reading with an appearance from Alex

I met Alex when I was about 15 as he was the lead mechanic in the bike shop which I spent most of my time in. When I was 17 I learnt to drive and started to work there. This bike shop is close to where I now live and do all of my training. I worked in the workshop with him as his assistant mechanic and learnt lots from the experiences, which now helps out when I'm on the road and keeping my race bike in good condition.

We became close friends and also did lots of riding together in Saddleworth. When we first started riding together Alex was probably as fast as me and taught me a number of skills on the bike. I started racing in 2007 and since then Alex has remained a close friend, riding buddy and is now my personal mechanic.

Alex not only keeps my race bike in good running order between races when I'm back at home, but he also attends various races when it works out for us both. Having him there really takes the stress off me knowing that the bike will be spot on come racing! He is excellent at pretty much anything I need doing. He builds great wheels and is very efficient when under pressure after I've broken something and need it fixing against the clock.

I'd recommend his services to anyone who needs their bike looking after. He has his own mechanic service running and even does mobile mechanicing, so he'll come to you! Check out his website and like his facebook page!

What Alex says:

I have known Jack for about 7 years now. When we first met I was a little bit faster than him, and even taught him how to clear gap jumps properly up at the local quarry in Saddleworth! However I can't keep up with him anymore despite trying! I still get to go riding with him though and we have a good laugh when we head out for a rip on our local trails. Jack is a top person and a demon on a DH bike with his own style of riding and flat out approach. For the last 3 years I've been supporting Jack as his personal mechanic, building his bikes and wheels, and maintaining his bike when needed. I also join him at races when possible to keep his bike in top working order for the whole event. As Jack's friend and personal mechanic I hope to be working and riding with him for many years to come, and look forward to seeing his success unfold!

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