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My relationship with Nicolai started very much by chance and through suspension testing with Chris Porter at Mojo at the end of the 2015 season. It all started because I did some timed testing on the Nicolai Geometron trail bike against my large Trek Session DH bike. Chris was convinced moving to the longer slacker bike with less travel and a more progressive suspension system (the Nicolai) would be faster on most DH tracks than the smaller sized, bigger travelled more linear suspension design bike (the Trek Session). I wasn’t convinced on the theory but loved Chris’s enthusiasm and was super excited to work with him, so suggested to him that we test his theory at my regular training ground, Llangollen in Wales.
To my amazement the Nicolai, with only 155mm of rear end travel with a Fox Float X2 rear shock and 180mm of front travel with a Mojo customised Fox 40 was, on every track we tested, as fast or faster than my Trek: a bike I’d just finished 22nd at a world cup on. I was blown away by the results and wanted to test further, so asked Chris if I could take the bike to Malaga at the end of November for more testing. This time against the XL Trek Session that was a more comparable size to the Longer (medium) Geometron I was riding. We found that on most terrain the bikes were level pegging, but on fast rough stuff with big compressions the rear end of the Nicolai was limited and slower. But hey, it only had 155mm of rear travel!
I knew the bike was amazing but the only way we could race it was if we designed a DH specific frame from it. So when I returned we got chatting directly with Nicolai and started discussions to developing a DH version of the Geometron trail bike. They agreed to the idea and One Vision Global Racing joined forces with them for the 2016 season. Me and Chris did one more testing day, this time at Revolution Bike Park with a modified rear end giving the bike 180mm of rear travel. The change was mind blowing as the bike maintained its fast progressive feeling rear suspension system, but it now felt bottomless! The bike was now faster than the Trek!
We sent our final geometry and sizing requirements for prototype phase one to Nicolai and it was down to them to have race bikes to us in time. I’ve never worked with a bike company like Nicolai. A mere 4 weeks after receiving this information from me and Chris, Nicolai designed, manufactured, powdercoated, shipped and delivered 4 completely custom prototype race frames for the teams rider's to my front door. Also in two different sizes – two ‘Long’ for Jamie and Goerge and two ‘Longer’ for me and Will. My mind was blow even further when we rode them. Phase one of prototyping turned into ‘what the hell do we do to make this better’… so we’ve stayed on the same frames all season. Testament to the success of the project are the riders results: I’m having my best ever season with top 10 world cup split times, top 20 world cup results and my lowest ever world ranking of 29th. George is having his best ever season including qualifying 10th at Fort William world cup this year. Will is having a strong season and holds more UCI points than he ever has, and James is leading expert by a considerable number of points and will move to elite next year and do his first full world cup season. It’s unarguable that it has been a huge success and the bikes ROCK!
The Geometron bikes are now available to purchase and exist in the Nicolai 2017 catelogue in their own range! There is a trail hardtail which I am soon to ride for the first time and am super excited about. The trail bike is called the Geometron G16 and packs 155mm of rear travel and is just amazing. This is the ultimate trail bike in terms of versatility. I love mine and run a 170mm Fox 36 fox up front and the bike really does feel like my DH bike when I let it loose (I know people always say this, but it’s true I promise!)! Our baby is called the Geometron G19 and packs 193mm of rear travel and is an absolute missile! I challenge anyone to test ride one and not love it! We are about to agree our 2017 contract with Nicolai and hope to work with them on projects and racing for years to come! I have a number of ideas buzzing in my head so hopefully we’ll be coming up with some more forward thinking bikes!



I was first introduced to O’Neal by the UK importers, Fli Distribution. These guys (Col and Trig) sponsored me with a few products in 2009 as they were just starting out with the brand and wanted to get some UK racers using the products to boost marketing. I started using knee pads, shorts and jerseys, and by the following year I was using most of their products as I was that impressed with the stuff!
I was picked up by ONeal Europe in 2010 and since then I haven't looked back as they are a fantastic company to be associated with. As a rider an important part of representing a brand is believing in the products you are wearing and putting to test. I still have a very close relationship with both ONeal Europe, and represent them and their products on the World Cup circuit. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship into the distant future as we both progress within the sport of mountain biking.

This year we have been wearing the ONeal Stormrider shorts with a custom race jersey incorporating all of One Vision Global Racing’s great sponsors. My helmet of choice is the ONeal 10 Series carbon MX lid. It is really light and comfortable, and believe me I've tested its safety performance and it does a really good job of protecting your head!! ONeal make some awesome body armour. Its great to know when you're out on the trail that if you try something and it goes wrong and you end up grinding through the dirt that your body will be protected so you can jump back up and get going again. I like to wear the STV Sleath protector shirt which contains SAS tech pads on the elbows, shoulders, chest and spine and for how light it is, it really does protect you well – trust me I've tested it!
I wear the short sleeve version in race runs to minimize the chances of arm pump on the rough fast world cup tracks. The ONeal Torque SPD shoes are my choice of footwear and they are great. I've worn other shoes from different manufacturers in the past and these are by far my favourites. They have a large area around the cleat which gives them good performance in muddy conditions, and also have a slightly higher inner ankle portion which works really well to protect you from smashing it on the frame. They are light, comfortable, practical, protective and look good... what more could I ask for.
ONeal are a great brand and I look forward to continuing to work with them as my career progresses. ONeal now support the whole of One Vision Global Racing which is great for the other team riders and makes us look very professional.



I have been rolling on Schwalbe rubber for 5 or 6 years now… it’s been a while anyway and since my first ride on them I’ve been convinced.
My tyres of choice for racing are the Magic Mary and the Dirty Dan. The MAGIC MARY is our go to tyre. She roles well, brakes well, cuts into the trail, she likes roots... I haven't found much this tyre isn't good for. When things get moist we sometimes stay on the Magic Mary, it just depends on the terrain. For example because of the rocky gravelly terrain at Fort William, no matter what the weather we will only use this tyre.
However sometimes things get out of hand, and
DIRTY DAN the man is called for! This guy is your out and out wet tyre. The spike with a difference. Dan has knobbles on the extremes of his edges, for when he's really leaned over, or traversing a slippery off camber. This spike is better than any other I've tried full stop. Frequently we will cut a couple of mm’s off this tyre's knobbles in order to stop it feeling like it’s going to roll over on itself causing drifting of the bike. We only run them as a full spike when the mud is very deep and we need the tyre to clear itself as it turns to keep digging into the ground and provide grip.

These guys, they’ve supported me since 2010 or maybe 2009… I really can’t remember. They are awesome! The suspension servicing they provide for our trail bike suspension is efficient and effective. After doing a month of riding on my 36, then getting it back after a service there is such a difference! The fork is so much smoother and that makes for a comfier ride. The tricks and tips we’ve got from Chris this year on how to look after our race forks has made such a difference! I didn’t realise how important it was to service my forks before every race weekend, until I started doing it. Having the first part of your suspension as soft and supple as possible really looks after your hands and arms throughout a race weekend, and also increases grip in corners by reducing the chatter of the front wheel. We all run a very progressive fork so the fork isn’t diving all the time and throwing the rider away from their neutral attack position. Mojo are awesome and we love them for their support of the team!


These guys make quality. I was blow away on my factory visit. Everything is thought through and done to perfection, and you experience that when you use the products! We are using the Tech 3 V4 brakes, the Hope handlebar (not for public purchase but soon they will release their carbon handlebar!), Hope stem, Hope Pro 4 hubs, Hope seat clamp, Hope carbon seatpost, Hope crankset and Hope grips. Their products have been amazing to use this year and we really look forward to continue working with them moving forward!






I contacted MRP when I started setting up One Vision Global Racing because I’ve used their chain guides before and know how good they are. From experience they are strong and light, which are two things you need from a product like this.
I contacted Pat at ISO Distribution and he was excited to come onboard and support the project with the MRP G3 chain guide. We now use the new G4 guide and we’re all really excited to be using this great product and can’t thank MRP and ISO Distribution enough for their valued support. We’ve had two seasons on these guides now and couldn’t be happier with their performance! We look forward to working with them for years to come.

I first used a Works Components headset at the end of 2014 to slacken out an xc bike and couldn’t believe the difference it made to the bike as a whole. Therefore I decided that their support of One Vision Global Racing was going to be vital to our success. 
Having the ability to change the head angle or reach of our bikes by simply swapping the headset cups is so helpful for bike setup throughout the season. We race a variety of tracks throughout the year and depending on the nature of the race course we will want to alter our bike setup accordingly. Steeper tracks require the bike to be slacker, faster straighter tracks call for longer reach and wheelbase and so on.
Now the team is riding for Nicolai, who makes bikes with great head angles, (Geometron G16 trail bike 63 degrees and Geometron G19 DH bike 61.5 degrees) we run the headangles as standard but we do still alter the reach accordingly depending on the track. I can’t thank the guys at Works enough for their support of One Vision Global Racing and look forward to working with them for years to come.


Clif Bar have been a game changer for us this year in terms of racing and training performance. It’s another one of those, until you’ve tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing. We use the Clif energy bars and Shot Bloks during long training rides and throughout race weekends to aid stamina and performance. The Clif protein bars are great for after a hard day racing or training to aid recovery. I use the caffeine Shot Bloks before race runs to get that mental boost to put me in that fired up race mindset! We are so happy Clif agreed to come on board and support One Vision this year and look forward to working with them for years to come!